5 thoughts on “Our Teachable Moment: Authentic Learning About Digital Footprints

  1. Wow, Thomas, this blew me away. I can so relate to this teachable moment. It’s a perfect example of how a teacher should respond. You’ve really touched on a nerve there, in terms of the reason many teachers don’t visit the web 2.0 realm.

    1. Thanks for commenting Royan. These conversations of what it means to be a good citizen in a digital environment need to happen more often in the classroom and they seem to have the biggest impact when they arise from real, authentic situations where students make the ill-advised choices. I’m just glad we were able to capture the moment using the etherpad time slider (What a great feature!)

  2. So interesting to watch what actually happened during your work with the students here! I had an experience with students leaving negative comments in a social environment (Bitstrips) that really shocked me this year. Students were “saying” things to one another that I could never imagine them saying face to face. It was an excellent learning opportunity for all of us. I ultimately felt responsible for not taking time to preteach digital citizenship, and although it was a teachable moment, kids were hurt in the process. We did eventually make excellent progress!

    1. I found the sudden change of behaviour from working on the whiteboards to working on the etherpad so interesting. It looks like you had a similar experience and I’m glad that you were able to progress with your students. I agree that before the introduction of any tool (online or on-ground) the expectations should be established with the students. Thanks for your comments.

  3. That was a great post! I love that the students helped with the lesson. I am totally going to do something very similar in my class.

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